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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Battery Electrode Materials 2012902495 Provisional 14/06/2012 Nano-Nouvelle Pty Ltd
Improvements relating to pump sets 2012902493 Provisional 14/06/2012 Arleh Pty Ltd
Apparatus and method of detecting wear 2012902492 Provisional 14/06/2012 CQMS Pty Ltd
Emergency lighting strips 2012902489 Provisional 14/06/2012 Hansen, Nadine
Sleeper unit 2012902488 Provisional 01/06/2012 O'Brien, Anthony James
System management tool 2012902487 Provisional 14/06/2012 Linwood, Evan Meredith Mr
Temporary Lifting Apparatus 2012902486 Provisional 14/06/2012 CSR Building Products Limited
Clamp for gripping and lifting panels 2012902485 Provisional 14/06/2012 CSR Building Products Limited
Auditory signal processing method 2012902484 Provisional 14/06/2012 La Trobe University
Solar Still Modules 2012902483 Provisional 14/06/2012 First Green Park Pty Ltd
Solar Still Element Structure 2012902482 Provisional 14/06/2012 First Green Park Pty Ltd
Jetloo watersaving toilet 2012902481 Provisional 14/06/2012 McDougall, Roy
Self-Sensing Dielectric Elastomer Device 2012902480 Provisional 14/06/2012 Auckland UniServices Limited
A suppost unit for use in a mattress or cushion 2012902479 Provisional 13/06/2012 A.H. Beard Pty Ltd
Security Window 2012902478 Provisional 13/06/2012 Steelvision Pty Ltd
A Tree Guard 2012902477 Provisional 13/06/2012 Kilby, Matthew
Container 2012902476 Provisional 13/06/2012 Berne, Alicia Janine
Human Feces Draining Machine 2012902475 Provisional 13/06/2012 Shacky, Naniel Mr
circElation Cream 2012902474 Provisional 13/06/2012 Dent, Isabelle Gayle Mrs
Rear Loading Tilt Trailer Assemblies 2012902473 Provisional 13/06/2012 Loadquip Pty Ltd