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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Microspheres useful in detergent compositions 44945 Standard 27/04/2000 Procter & Gamble Company, The
Airline passenger care kits 44946 Standard 27/04/2000 Moore North America, Inc.
Mutant human CD80 and compositions for and methods of making and using the same 44947 Standard 27/04/2000 Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, The
A stress relief for rigid syntactic foam 44948 Standard 27/04/2000 International Paint Inc.
Gasket for an aerosol valve stem 44949 Standard 27/04/2000 Precision Valve Corporation
Dynamic and scheduled computer telephony resource allocation 44950 Standard 26/04/2000 Dialogic Corporation
Packaged beverage and packaging for beverage 44951 Standard 25/04/2000 Coca-Cola Company, The
High pressure arc discharge lamp 44952 Standard 26/04/2000 Eg&g, Inc.
Spring cushioned shoe 44953 Standard 26/04/2000 Shoe Spring, Inc.
Portal system and method 44954 Standard 27/04/2000 Firstpersom.Com
Process transmitter having a step-up converter for powering analog components 44955 Standard 27/04/2000 Rosemount Inc.
A system and method for changing the rotational orientation of display data 44956 Standard 27/04/2000 Adobe Systems Incorporated
Sound reproduction employing unity summation aperture loudspeakers 44957 Standard 27/04/2000 Sound Physics Labs, Inc.
An adjustable indoor firing range ventilation system 44958 Standard 27/04/2000 Aimair, Inc.
Low contact nasal mask and system using same 44959 Standard 27/04/2000 Respironics, Inc.
Carton with access structure 44960 Standard 27/04/2000 Mead Corporation, The
Method for the inactivation of cryptosporidium parvum and giardia cysts using ultraviolet light 44961 Standard 27/04/2000 Calgon Carbon Corporation
Self-compensated ceramic strain gage for use at high temperatures 44962 Standard 27/04/2000 Board of Governors for Higher Education, State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, The
Apparatus and method for measuring fluid properties 44963 Standard 27/04/2000 Dynisco Polymer Test, Inc.
Packaging machine 44965 Standard 26/04/2000 International Paper Company