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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Clamping device for mounting on a profile member 17019 Standard 30/11/1999 Cue Dee Produkter AB
Closure for a packaging tube and tube equipped with such a closure 17027 Standard 10/12/1999 Norden Pac Development AB
Data encrypting and decrypting apparatus and methods 17029 Standard 23/11/1999 Tan, Daniel Tiong Hok
Shower curtain weights 17038 Standard 02/08/1999 Beck, Brent Alan
Drilling fluid additive and process therewith 17050 Standard 06/10/1999 Phillips Petroleum Company
Blocking factor b to treat complement-mediated immune disease 17051 Standard 08/10/1999 Musc Foundation for Research Development
Fan 17052 Standard 12/10/1999 Air Concepts, Inc.
Novel ultrasound contrast agents 17053 Standard 12/10/1999 Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Tire pressure indicator carried aboard a wheel 17061 Standard 09/11/1999 Holcomb, Larry w.
Assisted pointer system and method 17075 Standard 22/10/1999 Johnson, Philip B.
Sm(co, fe, cu, zr, c) compositions and methods of producing same 17080 Standard 25/10/1999 Santoku America, Inc.
Linear motion brake 17085 Standard 27/10/1999 Nexen Group, Inc
Broadband antenna incorporating both electric and magnetic dipole radiators 17091 Standard 26/10/1999 Emc Automation, Inc.
Penetration limiting stop elements for a drill bit used for bone tissue 17097 Standard 28/10/1999 Implant Innovations, Inc.
Therapeutics and diagnostics for ocular abnormalities 17103 Standard 29/10/1999 University of Iowa Research Foundation, The
Variants of humanized anti-carcinoma monoclonal antibody CC49 17105 Standard 29/10/1999 Government of the United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, The
Oral administration of adenosine analogs 17110 Standard 01/11/1999 Mayne Pharma plc
A method for inhibition of phospholamban activity for the treatment of cardiac disease and heart failure 17111 Standard 02/11/1999 Regents of the University of California, The
Skateboarding training accessory for stunts and jumps 17118 Standard 03/11/1999 Giordano, Dean Anthony
Geospacial internet protocol addressing 17120 Standard 02/11/1999 Airbiquity Inc.