A faster patent search alternative
Welcome to Patent Lookup

IP Australia maintains a powerful patent search engine. But it can be slow and clunky to use. We created Patent Lookup to provide a faster alternative.

Our full text search covers all of the key fields: patent title and description, agent, inventor, and more. Just enter any words that describe the invention or the names of people associated with the invention and we'll return the most relevant results in milliseconds.

Search Tips

  • Enter whole words only. Boolean operators (AND, OR, etc.) and wildcards (*, etc.) are not supported.
  • You can use names of people or companies associated with the patent. For example: Smith or Billiton. Because complete names are not always included in the registration information, it is generally best to search for a last name only.
  • You can use words that describe the patent; all of the available text fields, including the title and description, will be searched. For example: filtration or cell phone.
  • You can use a combination of names and descriptive words. For example: filtration Billiton.

Why use Patent Lookup?

  • Simple search - enter as much or as little about the patent as you like
  • Fastest results
  • Comprehensive coverage of patents since 1970