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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Foulbrood treatments 16659 Standard 26/11/1999 Uc3 University College Cardiff Consultants Ltd.
Meter interface 16666 Standard 06/12/1999 Lattice Intellectual Property Ltd.
A modified cycle frame 16670 Standard 06/12/1999 Brigden, Michael Alan
Cure monitoring 16674 Standard 06/12/1999 Manchester Metropolitan University, The
Diorama/stand-up picture card 16686 Standard 08/12/1999 Mackenzie, Norman Fraser
Plant-pathogen resistance 16693 Standard 14/12/1999 University of York, The
Organic light-emitting devices 16694 Standard 14/12/1999 Cambridge Display Technology Limited
Tamper evident closures 16699 Standard 09/12/1999 Crown Cork & Seal Technologies Corporation
Natriuretic peptide fragments 16703 Standard 09/12/1999 University of Leicester
Improved message access for radio telecommunications system 16711 Standard 10/12/1999 Lucent Technologies Inc.
Method of producing pelletized polyolefin 16714 Standard 10/12/1999 Borealis Technology Oy
Ink-jet ink compositions 16727 Standard 13/12/1999 Avecia Limited
Medicaments for the treatment of lung infections 16732 Standard 14/12/1999 Woodcock, Fiona
Abrasive body 16745 Standard 21/12/1999 De Beers Industrial Diamond Division (Proprietary) Limited
Fluorescent light support 16748 Standard 22/12/1999 Taljaard, Christiaan
Ketolide antibiotics 16754 Standard 28/12/1999 Pfizer Products Inc.
Complementary dna's encoding proteins with signal peptides 16759 Standard 20/12/1999 Genset
Process for removing organic and inorganic contaminants from refinery wastewaterstreams employing ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis 16761 Standard 16/12/1999 Texaco Development Corporation
Novel tetrazolinone derivatives 16769 Standard 04/01/2000 Nihon Bayer Agrochem K.K.
High speed continuous casting device and relative method 16770 Standard 06/01/2000 Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.