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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
CD20-specific redirected T cells and their use in cellular immunotherapy of CD20+ malignancies 24724 Standard 20/10/1999 City of Hope
Conveyor motor drive unit and conveyor system 24725 Standard 27/10/1999 Hartness International, Inc.
Electrochromic mirror incorporating a third surface reflector 24726 Standard 20/10/1999 Gentex Corporation
Cable modem system 24727 Standard 01/11/1999 Broadcom Corporation
Locking sensor cartridge with integral fluid ports, electrical connections, and pump tube 24728 Standard 02/11/1999 Sendx Medical, Inc.
Production of adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT), novel ANT ligands and screening assays therefor 24729 Standard 03/11/1999 Mitokor
Method and apparatus for populating sparse matrix entries from corresponding data 24730 Standard 03/11/1999 Platinum Technology, Inc.
Method and apparatus for optimizing query generation by selectively utilizing attributes or key values 24731 Standard 03/11/1999 Computer Associates Think, Inc.
System for intercept of wireless communications 24732 Standard 05/11/1999 ADC NewNet, Inc.
A system for protection of unauthorized entry into accessing records in a recorddatabase 24733 Standard 04/11/1999 Garfinkle Limited Partnership II
Treatment of contaminated waste water 24734 Standard 06/11/1999 Wurzburger, Stephen Ray
A novel golf putter 24735 Standard 09/11/1999 Prince, Robert P.
Method and apparatus for negotiating terms for local advertising 24736 Standard 12/11/1999 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
A method for the determination of homocysteine 24737 Standard 12/11/1999 Axis-Shield Diagnostics, Ltd.
Enlarged cell size foams made from blends of alkenyl aromatic polymers and alpha-olefin/vinyl or vinylidene aromatic and/or sterically hindered aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinyl or vinylidene interpolymers 24738 Standard 16/11/1999 Dow Chemical Company, The
Primer extension methods utilizing donor and acceptor molecules for detecting nucleic acids 24739 Standard 23/11/1999 Exact Sciences Corporation
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and treatment of cancer based on the transcription factor ETS2 24740 Standard 23/11/1999 Musc Foundation for Research Development
Computer network transaction system 24741 Standard 24/11/1999 Chiasson, James P.
Substituted oximes and hydrazones as neurokinin antagonists 24742 Standard 21/12/1999 Schering Corporation
Voice activated hyperlinks 24743 Standard 23/11/1999 Intervoice Limited Partnership