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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Automatic on-site drug testing system and method 44858 Standard 21/04/2000 Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated
System and method for context switching in an electronic network 44859 Standard 20/04/2000 Sony Electronics Inc.
Multifunctional biomedical electrode 44860 Standard 21/04/2000 3M Innovative Properties Company
Conditioned fertilizer product containing lactic acid derivative, method of manufacture and use thereof 44861 Standard 24/04/2000 Cargill Incorporated
Method and apparatus for dealing with data corruption and shared disks in the context of saving, using and recovering data 44862 Standard 24/04/2000 Wild File, Inc.
Method of enhancing the efficacy of anti-tumor agents 44863 Standard 24/04/2000 Health Research Inc.
Therapeutic compositions and methods for enhancing angiogenesis 44864 Standard 20/04/2000 Prolifia, Inc.
Therapeutic compositions and methods for treating tumors 44865 Standard 20/04/2000 Research Corporation Technologies, Inc.
Dispersion compensating fiber 44866 Standard 24/04/2000 Corning Incorporated
Apparatus for computing gps correlations in parallel 44867 Standard 24/04/2000 Global Locate, Inc.
Video on demand system 44869 Standard 24/04/2000 Unisys Corporation
Glucose detector and method for diagnosing diabetes 44870 Standard 24/04/2000 Pacific Biometrics, Inc.
Apparatus and method for interfacing personal electronics to exercise equipment 44871 Standard 24/04/2000 Qualcomm Incorporated
A method and system for requesters to select a provider 44872 Standard 24/04/2000 Homegain.Com
A herpes simplex virus type 1 (hsv-1)-derived vector for selectively inhibiting malignant cells and methods for its use to treat cancers and to express desired traits in malignant and non-malignant mammalian cells 44873 Standard 24/04/2000 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
A windowing function for maintaining orthogonality of channels in the reception of ofdm symbols 44874 Standard 25/04/2000 Intellon Corporation
Novel human transporter proteins 44875 Standard 21/04/2000 Lexicon Genetics Incorporated
Method and apparatus for initiating, directing and constricting electrical discharge arcs 44876 Standard 24/04/2000 Ohio State University, The
Amplitude tunable filter 44877 Standard 24/04/2000 Corning Incorporated
A process for improving print quality of a document created utilizing internet-type network applications 44878 Standard 24/04/2000 Hijk