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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Health safety and alert media with tactile and visual writing 2002314237 Standard 21/05/2002 MASSET MANAGEMENT
Ingot mould for continuous metal casting comprising at its head means for generating electromagnetic fields, and casting installation comprising same 2002314238 Standard 21/05/2002 USINOR
Ingot head for continuous casting of slab with adjustable width and casting method using same 2002314239 Standard 21/05/2002 USINOR
Harness for carrying various objects 2002314240 Standard 21/05/2002 ALAIMIA, Karim
Sequence of the tropheryma whippelii bacteria rpob gene and oligonucleotide for molecular diagnosis of whipple's disease 2002314241 Standard 21/05/2002 UNIVERSITE DE LA MEDITERRANEE (AIX-MARSEILLE II)
Modular shelter and ground sheet 2002314242 Standard 21/05/2002 LHOMME, Jacques
Tricyclic dihydro-quinoline derivatives, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions containing same 2002314243 Standard 22/05/2002 Les Laboratoires Servier
Method and system for supplying information in relation with the position occupied by a user in a site 2002314244 Standard 24/05/2002 BECKERS, Fabien
Mail forwarding method and device with electronic-to-paper conversion 2002314245 Standard 24/05/2002 ROBIN, Bruno, Marie
Wheel arrangement having a pressure sensor 2002314246 Standard 24/05/2002 MESSIER-BUGATTI
Method for assembling peeled veneers or sawn wedges to form a container 2002314247 Standard 24/05/2002 BOIS DIFFUSION SA
Cases for one or several laser discs and means for classifying same 2002314248 Standard 27/05/2002 Bruet-Ferreol, Jean-Denis
Buckle closure system 2002314249 Standard 27/05/2002 SALOMON S.A.
Method and device for booking a parking space 2002314250 Standard 27/05/2002 Parkeon
Electronic payment terminal, smart card adapted to such a terminal et method for loading a secret key in such a terminal 2002314251 Standard 27/05/2002 SCHLUMBERGER SYSTEMES
Chemical derivatives and the use thereof as an anti-telomerase agent 2002314252 Standard 27/05/2002 AVENTIS PHARMA S.A.
Device for exerting pressure on a door or any other vertical planar surface 2002314253 Standard 27/05/2002 LIBERVIT
Device for presenting polypeptides, able to be used as a chip for miniaturised detection of molecules 2002314254 Standard 27/05/2002 UNIVERSITE DE LILLE 2 DROIT ET SANTE
Peptide vector for transferring molecules of interest to eurocaryotic cells 2002314255 Standard 27/05/2002 MAX-PLANCK-GESELLSCHAFT ZUR FOERDERUNG DER WISSENSCHAFTEN E.V
Ball-bearing designed to equip a wheel of a roller skate or skate board or the like 2002314256 Standard 27/05/2002 GARCIA, Jose