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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Coating composition for metallic conductors and coating method using same 36568 Standard 01/03/2000 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
Granulation method 36569 Standard 02/03/2000 Henkel Kommanditgesellschaft Auf Aktien
Method for exchanging data between a device for programming and triggering electronic detonators and said detonators 36570 Standard 02/03/2000 Orica Explosives Technology Pty Ltd
Use of water-soluble beta-(1,3) glucans as agents for producing therapeutic skintreatment agents 36571 Standard 03/03/2000 Biotec ASA
Comb profile for comb support of escalators and moving walks 36572 Standard 03/03/2000 Kone Corporation
Method of registering a running time on an information carrier, information carrier and apparatus 36573 Standard 06/03/2000 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
Multiblock heat-transfer system 36574 Standard 07/03/2000 Behr GmbH & Co.
Tricyclic benzoylpyrazole derivatives used as a herbicide 36575 Standard 08/03/2000 BASF Aktiengesellschaft
Biologically active compounds of (ganoderma pfeifferi) dms 13239 36576 Standard 08/03/2000 Ganomycin Gesellschaft Fur Biomedizinische Forschung MBH
Double layer draining and sound-absorbing wearing course, and means and method for its preparation 36577 Standard 08/03/2000 Agip Petroli S.p.A.
Biodegradable agricultural films 36578 Standard 10/03/2000 Wolff Walsrode AG
Safety device for a blender 36579 Standard 10/03/2000 Braun GmbH
Screen assembly, vibratory separator and method of screening 36580 Standard 13/03/2000 Varco I/P Inc.
Use of a brightener pigment in cleansers or detergents 36581 Standard 16/03/2000 Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc.
Fruit bar 36582 Standard 17/03/2000 Vitafood AG
Combined treatment of multiple sclerosis 36584 Standard 20/03/2000 Laboratoires Serono SA
Method and device for slicing food products 36585 Standard 31/03/2000 Weber Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG
Search and display of real estate information 36586 Standard 24/03/2000 Uma Holding GmbH
Device and method for determining and displaying the progressive motion variables or fitness variables pertaining to a user of a piece of sports equipment 36587 Standard 24/03/2000 Groos, Daniel
Method and device for synchronisation of distant clocks to central clock via satellite 36588 Standard 30/03/2000 Schafer, Wolfgang