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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Method and apparatus with slips assembly for coupling tubulars without interruption of circulation 2002314357 Standard 01/07/2002 COUPLER DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED
Mycobacterial antigens expressed during latency 2002314358 Standard 04/07/2002 Health Protection Agency
Force-controlling mechanical device 2002314359 Standard 03/07/2002 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD
Process for the production of vermiculite foil 2002314360 Standard 03/07/2002 FLEXITALLIC INVESTMENTS INCORPORATED
Closure assembly with valve 2002314361 Standard 03/07/2002 Beeson and Sons Limited
Process-related systems and methods 2002314362 Standard 04/07/2002 KNOWLEDGE PROCESS SOFTWARE PLC
Latch 2002314363 Standard 03/07/2002 Allgood Holdings Limited
Device for automatically extending text messages, and methods therefor 2002314364 Standard 09/07/2002 SENDO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
Process for the production of allicin 2002314365 Standard 04/07/2002 NEEM BIOTECH LTD.
Actuator 2002314366 Standard 05/07/2002 ISIS INNOVATION LIMITED
Method and apparatus for stitching 2002314367 Standard 04/07/2002 James, Adam
Pharmaceutical formulation for the intramuscular administration of fulvestrant 2002314368 Standard 03/07/2002 AstraZeneca AB
Opener for variety of ring-pull containers 2002314369 Standard 05/07/2002 Green Star (Moulding) Ltd.
Compound libraries 2002314370 Standard 05/07/2002 BIOFOCUS PLC
Electrosynthesis of organic compounds 2002314371 Standard 08/07/2002 THE QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY OF BELFAST
Catalytic reactor 2002314372 Standard 09/07/2002 CompactGTL plc
Illuminated road sign 2002314373 Standard 05/07/2002 BODECKY, Mike
Methods for inducing an immune response with an elevated TH1/TH2 ratio by intracellular induction of NFKAPPAB 2002314374 Standard 05/07/2002 Synovis Limited
Process and device for manufacturing an aromatic alkylene polymer 2002314375 Standard 10/07/2002 BP CHEMICALS LIMITED
Heatable container having aroma releasing means 2002314376 Standard 09/07/2002 THERMOTIC DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED