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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Meuble - bureau informatise ; panneau escamotable 2002314397 Standard 06/05/2002 GAILLARD, Fruduric
Method for the operation of a combined power station 2002314398 Standard 08/05/2002 ALSTOM (SWITZERLAND) LTD
Device for holding garment hangers 2002314399 Standard 05/06/2002 PIENAAR, Timothy, Leigh
Method and device for detecting a watermark 2002314400 Standard 03/06/2002 KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS ELECTRONICS N.V.
System and method for optimized utilization of code resource in communication networks 2002314401 Standard 06/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
Lateral window air bag system and method of mouting the same 2002314402 Standard 11/06/2002 TOYOTA JIDOSHA KABUSHIKI KAISHA
A method of excavating a hard material body 2002314403 Standard 12/06/2002 HODGKINSON, Barry, Anthony
Socket for a charging device 2002314404 Standard 18/06/2002 DONGGUAN TANGXIA JIN TANG METAL AND ELECTRIC MANUFACTORY
Method and game device for playing keno or a lottery 2002314405 Standard 19/06/2002 DEKELLER, David, Guy, Balthazar
Nmulti-level quantizer with dithering and multi-threshold generation for a multi-bt sigma-delta modulator 2002314406 Standard 19/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
Method, system and devices for transferring accounting information 2002314407 Standard 20/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
Load balancing in wireless communication network 2002314408 Standard 26/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
A method for introducing a nucleic acid into a eukaryotic cell 2002314409 Standard 21/06/2002 ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FEDERALE DE LAUSANNE
Plant for the treatment of waste waters 2002314410 Standard 24/06/2002 AC AND H CONSULTORES, LDA.
Optimization of mcs and multicode with tfci signaling 2002314411 Standard 25/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
Packaging machine with vertical forming tube 2002314412 Standard 25/06/2002 ICA SPA
Scheduling method and apparatus for half-duplex transmission 2002314413 Standard 27/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
A method for communicaion network performance analysis 2002314414 Standard 26/06/2002 NOKIA CORPORATION
Cooking apparatus and method therefor 2002314415 Standard 11/04/2002 HARDT EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING INC.
System for selling clothes 2002314416 Standard 26/06/2002 RAZUMOV, Sergey, N.