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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Video and data communication system 17394 Standard 19/11/1999 Qwest Communications International Inc.
A method and system for displaying and providing access to data on a monitor 17399 Standard 19/11/1999 X/Net Associates, Inc.
Apparatus for taking blood samples 17418 Standard 22/11/1999 Keith & Rumph Inventors, Inc
Dna encoding proteins that inhibit hsp70 function 17420 Standard 19/11/1999 Guerriero, Vincent
Association of trinucleotide repeat polymorphisms of the androgen receptor gene with disruptive disorders of childhood and aggressive or impulsive traits 17424 Standard 23/11/1999 City of Hope
Improved propane recovery methods 17427 Standard 22/11/1999 IPSI LLC
(Thlaspi caerulescens) subspecies for cadmium and zinc recovery 17432 Standard 23/11/1999 United States of America, as represented by The Secretary of Agriculture, The
Improved in-call dtmf transport for geostationary mobile satellite communicationsystem 17435 Standard 23/11/1999 Hughes Electronics Corporation
Acetal benzylmaltosides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation 17438 Standard 23/11/1999 American Home Products Corporation
Benzylmaltosides as inhibitors of smooth muscle cell proliferation 17439 Standard 23/11/1999 American Home Products Corporation
Improved multi-dose non-needle jet injection device 17442 Standard 23/11/1999 Pickrell, Marc R.
Polymorphisms in the 5' leader cistron of the beta2-adrenergic receptor 17445 Standard 24/11/1999 University of Cincinnati, The
Sorting apparatuses and sorting methods 17454 Standard 24/11/1999 Key Technology, Inc.
Apparatus and method for sampling a phototransistor 17461 Standard 30/11/1999 Microsoft Corporation
Reduction, elimination, or stimulation of hair growth 17466 Standard 30/11/1999 McDaniel, David H.
A system, method and apparatus for interactive data presentation on a network 17479 Standard 30/11/1999 Star, Billy Steven
Method and apparatus for handset audible zone and number indication 17486 Standard 30/11/1999 GTE Wireless Service Corporation
Substrates for forming synthetic tissues 17490 Standard 30/11/1999 St. Jude Medical Inc.
Bismuth oxide catalyst for cathodic electrocoating compositions 17493 Standard 02/12/1999 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
Methods and compositions for inhibiting neoplastic cell growth 17499 Standard 02/12/1999 Genentech Inc.