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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Electroluminescent materials and devices 2002314377 Standard 09/07/2002 ELAM-T LIMITED
Expression system 2002314378 Standard 09/07/2002 THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR DEFENCE
Closure 2002314379 Standard 09/07/2002 MASSMOULD HOLDINGS LIMITED
Holographic recording medium 2002314380 Standard 10/07/2002 POLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES LTD.
Apparatus for determining orientation relative to a magnetic field in a three dimensional space 2002314381 Standard 10/07/2002 HALL EFFECT TECHNOLOGIES LTD.
Optically variable security device 2002314382 Standard 10/07/2002 DE LA RUE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
Method and apparatus for treating carbon monoxide emissions 2002314383 Standard 10/07/2002 SMART, Edwin, James
An assembly of a main and an auxiliary beams 2002314384 Standard 10/07/2002 SYNSEAL EXTRUSIONS LIMITED
Process for the production of ethers, typically THF 2002314385 Standard 10/07/2002 Davy Process Technology Limited
Thin film forming 2002314386 Standard 10/07/2002 MARS (UK) LIMITED
System method and smart card for accessing a plurality of networks 2002314387 Standard 16/07/2002 VODAFONE GROUP PLC
Display device 2002314388 Standard 15/07/2002 WATSON, Stephen
Linearised mixer using frequency retranslation 2002314389 Standard 18/07/2002 UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL
Method and apparatus for preparing particles 2002314390 Standard 17/07/2002 Nektar Therapeutics UK Limited
Apparatus for gas/liquid contacting 2002314391 Standard 15/07/2002 ACCENTUS PLC
Fibreboard container with plastic closure 2002314392 Standard 22/07/2002 WELLER, David, Thomas
Process of hard filter production from diatomite 2002314393 Standard 08/07/2002 GRISHASHVILI, Irakli
Method of production of a diatomite ultrafiltering material and cigarette membrane filter comprising it 2002314394 Standard 08/07/2002 GRISHASHVILI, Irakli
Solar thermal collector with tanks 2002314395 Standard 02/07/2002 SKARUPKA, Vladimir
Method and apparatus for water purification by uvc-irradiation 2002314396 Standard 26/06/2002 NAGY, Jozsef