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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Body-attachable interlabial articles and methods for making the same 24784 Standard 07/12/1999 McNeil-PPC, Inc.
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase 24785 Standard 07/12/1999 Merck & Co., Inc.
System and method for managing data traffic associated with various quality of service principles using a conventional network node switch 24786 Standard 09/12/1999 Nokia Networks Oy
Valve for bladder control device 24787 Standard 09/12/1999 H.K. Medical Technologies, Incorporated
Electrochemical noise technique for corrosion 24788 Standard 09/12/1999 Baker Hughes Incorporated
Controlled release formulation of divalproex sodium 24789 Standard 09/12/1999 Abbott Laboratories
Insecticide containing foam sheet 24790 Standard 10/12/1999 Dow Chemical Company, The
Text translation system 24791 Standard 10/12/1999 Global Information Research and Technologies, LLC
A web-based video-editing method and system using a high-performance multimedia software library 24792 Standard 10/12/1999 Cornell Research Foundation Inc.
Apparatus and method for making cheese 24793 Standard 10/12/1999 Dzenis, Visvaldis
Automatic dispensing system for unit medicament packages 24794 Standard 09/12/1999 Scriptpro, L.L.C.
Demultiplexer for channel interleaving 24795 Standard 09/12/1999 Qualcomm Incorporated
Vibration and drag reduction system for fluid-submersed hulls 24796 Standard 10/12/1999 High Seas Engineering, LLC
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor antagonists and uses thereof 24797 Standard 09/12/1999 Genentech Inc.
Multiple matrices for engineered tissues 24798 Standard 13/12/1999 Vasomatrix, Inc.
Method for tissue fixation 24799 Standard 14/12/1999 Grandhope Biotech (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
A method and apparatus for dynamic dsp resource management 24800 Standard 13/12/1999 Cisco Technology, Inc.
Aqueous heavy duty liquid detergent compositions comprising modified alkylbenzene sulfonates 24801 Standard 15/12/1999 Procter & Gamble Company, The
System and method for measuring movement of objects 24802 Standard 15/12/1999 Acceleron Technologies, LLC
Grinding wheel system 24803 Standard 16/12/1999 University of Massachusetts