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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Slim type antenna for portable wireless communication system 16939 Standard 14/12/1999 Chang, Eung-Soon
Wall-mounted vase 16941 Standard 15/12/1999 Park, Yong-hwan
Method for decreasing elutriation loss of fine iron ore in fluidized bed type reducing operation 16942 Standard 16/12/1999 Pohang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
Ground anchor capable of anchoring and removing tension members 16943 Standard 16/12/1999 Samwoo Ground Work Technical Co., Ltd.
Device and method for locating a mobile station in a mobile communication system 16949 Standard 17/12/1999 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Generator 16952 Standard 18/12/1999 Song, Won Rok
Safety gas valve 16957 Standard 21/12/1999 Park, Sun Man
Antiviral peptides 16959 Standard 01/12/1999 AM-Pharma B.V.
Process for the preparation of a polymer dispersion 16963 Standard 02/12/1999 DSM N.V.
Method of substantially continuously separating two compounds using a moving bedor a simulated moving bed 16965 Standard 03/12/1999 Alpharma AS
A method and system for gaining access 16969 Standard 03/12/1999 Jansen, Alexander Theodorus
Wear resistant dimensionally stable bearing component for high temperature applications 16974 Standard 13/12/1999 Skf Engineering and Research Centre B.V.
Fold-in corner joint 16975 Standard 13/12/1999 Tinga Research & Development B.V.
Kitty litter box 16979 Standard 13/12/1999 Tommy's John B.V.
Container for storing and dispensing beverage, in particular beer 16982 Standard 14/12/1999 Heineken Technical Services B.V.
Lifeboat system 16987 Standard 30/11/1999 Umoe Schat-Harding AS
A system and a method for monitoring and warning regarding the presence of manually and temporarily fitted ground connectors on high voltage conductors, as well as a warning device and a conductor means included in the system 16991 Standard 03/12/1999 Hansen, Roger
Brick made of refractory material 16994 Standard 08/12/1999 Norsk Hydro ASA
Device for a portable container 17008 Standard 11/11/1999 Trican AB
Concrete slab with embedded tubes for circulation of a gas and a method for manufacturing the concrete slab 17011 Standard 11/11/1999 Paulsson, Jonatan