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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Downlight systems and methods 2012902515 Provisional 15/06/2012 Efficiency Matrix Pty. Ltd.
Oral composition 2012902514 Provisional 15/06/2012 Eikonic Group Pty Ltd
Spray droplet modifier composition 2012902513 Provisional 15/06/2012 Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd
Complementary therapy headwear 2012902512 Provisional 15/06/2012 Siljeg, Nikola
Improvements in pipe clips 2012902511 Provisional 15/06/2012 Abey Australia Pty. Ltd.
Automatic gate opener 2012902510 Provisional 15/06/2012 Harris, Rod Mr
Cape 2012902509 Provisional 15/06/2012 Clarke, Graham Mr
Screw me decking fasteneing & flooring screw anchors 2012902508 Provisional 15/05/2012 Turner, Arthur Raymond
A New and Improved Heliotherm Treatment Device 2012902507 Provisional 15/06/2012 Georghy, Joseph
Stringed Instrument Bow String Configuration 2012902506 Provisional 15/06/2012
Back-2-basic touch type to a career 2012902505 Provisional 13/06/2012 Adohma Business Solutions
Apparatus 2012902504 Provisional 15/06/2012 Nelson, Paul Damian Mr
Panel Clamp 2012902503 Provisional 15/06/2012 CSR Buildsind Products Limited
A mobile computing device, computer readable storage medium and server for promotional offering using augmented reality 2012902502 Provisional 15/06/2012 Fairweather Corporation Pty Ltd.
Methods and Apparatus for Providing Ventilation to a Patient 2012902501 Provisional 15/06/2012 ResMed Limited
Apparatus and method for shaping noise spectra using feedback quantizer pulse width modulation 2012902500 Provisional 14/06/2012 Newcastle Innovation Limited
Apparatus for operating a breather valve of a road tanker 2012902499 Provisional 14/06/2012 Byford Equipment
Outlet valve for a road tanker 2012902498 Provisional 14/06/2012 Byford Equipment
Bricks, blocks, and pavers 2012902497 Provisional 14/06/2012 Island Block & Paving Pty Ltd
Apparatus and method for producing fog 2012902496 Provisional 14/06/2012 R.W.W. Pty Ltd