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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Microelectromechanical devices useful for manipulating cells or embryos, kits thereof, methods of making same, and methods of use thereof 44879 Standard 24/04/2000 Palacios-Boyce, Monica
Secondary user interface 44880 Standard 24/04/2000 Xsides Corporation
Method and apparatus for producing uniform small portions of fine powders and articles thereof 44881 Standard 25/04/2000 Microdose Technologies, Inc.
Modified protein matrices 44882 Standard 24/04/2000 Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
Aminonitrile production 44883 Standard 25/04/2000 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
Polymerization of ethylene 44884 Standard 25/04/2000 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company
Method and apparatus for managing multiple on-line vendors through a reverse franchise 44886 Standard 25/04/2000 Fuisz, Richard C.
Effervescent drug delivery system for oral administration 44887 Standard 25/04/2000 Cima Labs, Inc.
Novel cyanine and indocyanine dye bioconjugates for biomedical applications 44888 Standard 26/04/2000 Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Voice command system and method 44889 Standard 25/04/2000 Neopoint, Inc.
Dynamically generated web sites from common database 44890 Standard 25/04/2000 Myway.Com, Inc.
Method and apparatus for network traffic smoothing 44891 Standard 25/04/2000 Cacheflow, Inc.
Peptides and assays for the diagnosis of lyme disease and compositions useful for the prevention thereof 44893 Standard 25/04/2000 Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund, The
Universal audio communications and control system and method 44894 Standard 25/04/2000 Gibson Guitar Corp.
Absorbent article having a lotionized bodyside liner 44895 Standard 20/04/2000 Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
Absorbent tissues providing skin barrier enhancement 44896 Standard 20/04/2000 Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
Method and means for producing high titer, safe, recombinant lentivirus vectors 44897 Standard 26/04/2000 GBP IP, LLC
Internet-based commerce system 44898 Standard 25/04/2000 Sicommnet, Inc.
Controlling and tracking access to disseminated information 44900 Standard 24/04/2000 Omniva Policy Systems Inc.
Graphite electrode binder including polyethylene oxide additive 44901 Standard 25/04/2000 Eveready Battery Company Inc.