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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
Golf club wood head with optimum aerodynamic structure 24744 Standard 24/11/1999 Domas, Andrew A.
Safe cut-off blade assembly 24745 Standard 24/11/1999 3M Innovative Properties Company
Control interface protocol for telephone sets for a satellite telephone system 24746 Standard 29/11/1999 Qualcomm Incorporated
Secreted amd transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same 24747 Standard 01/12/1999 Genentech Inc.
Submucosa modulation of mammalian immune response 24748 Standard 01/12/1999 Purdue Research Foundation
Derivatives of (-)-venlafaxine and methods of preparing and using the same 24749 Standard 01/12/1999 Sepracor, Inc.
Bioroot endosseous implant 24750 Standard 01/12/1999 Whorle, Peter S.
Deformable pressure system for dispensing fluid 24751 Standard 27/09/1999 Quoin Industrial, Inc.
Oleds containing thermally stable glassy organic hole transporting materials 24752 Standard 02/12/1999 Trustees of Princeton University, The
Passively activated valve for carrier purging 24753 Standard 01/12/1999 Asyst Technologies, Inc.
Subscriber characterization and advertisement monitoring system 24754 Standard 02/12/1999 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Subscriber identification system 24755 Standard 02/12/1999 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Production of a product enriched in isoflavone values from natural sources 24756 Standard 02/12/1999 Cognis Corporation
Method of converting methanol into an olefin mixture of controllable ethylene topropylene ratio 24757 Standard 02/12/1999 Van Dijk, Christiaan P.
The method for providing an electronic computer keyboard 24758 Standard 03/12/1999 Uke, Alan K.
Object hashing with incremental changes 24759 Standard 06/12/1999 Oracle Corporation
System and method for negative retroactive discounts 24760 Standard 02/12/1999 Walker Digital, LLC
Inhibitors of multidrug transporters 24761 Standard 02/12/1999 Influx, Inc.
Ribozyme therapy for the treatment and/or prevention of restenosis 24762 Standard 06/12/1999 Immusol, Inc
Dual sonic character acoustic panel and systems for use thereof 24763 Standard 03/12/1999 Owens Corning