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Invention title # Type Filing date Applicant name
System and method for telecommunications, paying bills, medical control and games 36548 Standard 23/02/2000 Nets AG
Dna sequence of a protein that is similar to fkbp 36549 Standard 18/02/2000 Sympore GmbH
Electrical plug-in connection 36550 Standard 23/02/2000 Robert Bosch GmbH
Motor vehicle door brake with holding function 36551 Standard 22/02/2000 Ed. Scharwachter GmbH.
Device and method for applying marks to a verification film 36552 Standard 24/02/2000 Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Modified book cover 36553 Standard 29/02/2000 Copy - Lein GmbH
Utilization of porphyrin derivatives in aquaria 36554 Standard 01/03/2000 Schaffer, Moshe
Assembly of calendar sheets in books, ring binders or the like 36555 Standard 05/04/2000 Special Creation Aps
Tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases type-1 (TIMP-1) as a cancer marker 36556 Standard 10/04/2000 Rigshospitalet
A non-invasive procedure and an apparatus for determining the hemoglobin contentof blood 36557 Standard 11/04/2000 Koch, Martin
Aqueous paint composition 36558 Standard 14/04/2000 Imperial Chemical Industries PLC
Method for differential spectroscopic measurements 36559 Standard 11/02/2000 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.V.
Electrode structure for electron gun 36560 Standard 11/02/2000 Thomson Licensing S.A.
Granulates containing feed-enzymes 36561 Standard 10/02/2000 BASF Aktiengesellschaft
Valve 36562 Standard 23/02/2000 Glaxo Group Limited
A method for inhibiting the expression of target genes in plants 36563 Standard 09/02/2000 Rhobio
Apparatus for wringing wet floor cloths 36564 Standard 14/02/2000 Metaform Metallverarbeitungsgesellschaft mbH
Process for the production of aromatic hydrocarbons from c1-4 hydrocarbons 36565 Standard 25/02/2000 Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij B.V.
Apparatus for the outer welding of cylindrical bodies of large size 36566 Standard 29/02/2000 Parmaprogetti S.r.L.
Tyre for heavy vehicle 36567 Standard 28/02/2000 Societe de Technologie Michelin